I.am not able to access my fb account.. it asks for authentication code and I am not getting any authentication code.

I sent my ID twice.. 1st time I sent my Aadhar card.. you denied it.. next time I sent my passport..

again you denied it

The name on my account is Tarunn Sushila Rrishi which is my name change based on numerology which I use unofficially.. Official name is Tarun Rishi and that is mentioned on my fb page which has info of my website www.blueskythinking.in

Please check my fb page .

You'll know that my official name is Tarun Rishi

See it's a very old account. I can't lose the account because of all this.

I have pics and videos on my account which are very dear to me.

How can I get authentication code by accessing FB pain page as you guys suggest when I can't even acess the main oagenePlease help.

Location: Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

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