Hi. I went to log in to my FB acct.just under a week ago now, and received the message that you didn't recognize the computer or whatever that I was logging in from.

(same computer, not a thing has changed in several years0. You asked me to verify my acct. by ticking 4 comments I'd made. I did so, only to get a message saying you were unable to verify it right now, and to try again later.

I tried again, only to not be given any options at all to verify, just a message saying you couldn't verify. I tried again this a.m. I was only given the choice of ticking comments I'd made on FB. I KNOW they were correct.

Yet again I got a response of unable to verify at this time. Try again. Is there a way to circumnavigate this glitch? Is there another way for me to verify it is indeed My account?

I would appreciate so very much a response and your assistance please. Thank you.

Location: Victoria, British Columbia

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