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Hello Sir/ Maam

This is to inform you that login account

toey_tikki@***, which has been blocked since May 8,2021 belongs to Twinkle Sahni.

Its my account and Twinkle is my nickname and since the day i opened this account on my nickname as most of my relatives and friends know me from this name. I am sharing my ids which are not been approved by you as its on the name KAVLEEN KAUR SAHNI, which is my official or signature name.

I request plz allow me access to my facebook account as i have loads of my memories and work pictures in it. And i cant share my work to my clients as i saved these pictures no where else.

They are only on facebook.

Secondly i have another account whcih is my sons account on the name of Kabir Sahni ( KAVLEEN KAUR SAHNI) which has my official name as i uploaded my id when i opened this account and it picked my name as in id so u can check pictures in That account and twinkle sahni account. They both are of same people , me n my family.

Please help me n unlock my account as its required for my work

Kindly Help please

Preferred solution: Unlock my account on the name of Twinkle Sahni bearing login id

Location: Chandigarh, Chandigarh

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