Me and a friend was having an innocent chat. We was talking about getting old takes the fight subject came up.

Neither one of us felt blocking me for 7 days for really no reason. I am not a racist and yet Facebook allows this behavior. I have seen post and some on there making threats and violence and yet they are not blocked. My conversation with my friend Kathy whom I have known for more then 20 years.

I used to work with her. I am also a combat veteran who is disabled. Along with that I have PTSD and Facebook was once for freedom of speech. What changed.

Also having the same community standers for every country around the world when some are socialist or communist countries as this makes it so unfair. I have been with Facebook since it began. I just sent a check to President Trump for $50,000.00 to join in on his lawsuit against you and other social media platforms. Why?

Because Facebook has violated the first amendment on so many platforms. When you blocked me for 7 days for having an innocent conversation with my friend that was crossing the line.

Once my 7 days are up I will be contacting my friends and family and letting them know I am deleting my Facebook account for good and they can now find me on Parler. I just set up my account with them the same day you blocked me for really no reason at all.

User's recommendation: Do not deal with Facebook and go to Parlor as Facebook blocks you for no reason.

Location: Tiffin, Ohio

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