I keep getting fb jailed for things I have already been jailed for or, for posts from years ago. They act as if its something I just posted that go against their so called "standards".

It has become as if its something they dont personally believe or agree with, they block your account. As someone who has used this site for many years, I am beyond frustrated that they pick and choose who they can sensor and who they dont. Ive seen violent videos and even strangers sexually harassing my mother online yet, when I report them I am told it doesnt go against their standards. But a joke involving covid and dahmer is a huge thing apparently.

Not to mention I posted it 2+ years ago and they just decided to jail me for it.

I am ready to leave this platform altogether. Mark Zuckerberg is a *** Nazi and I hope he catches a fatal case of covid.

User's recommendation: Find another social site.

Location: Queensbury, New York

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