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My lawyers and i have been trying to get a post taken down by the person who raped me claiming he's innocent and whatever the outcome was at court shouldn't matter this has personally affected me for years and i just want it gone also given that he posted it from jail off a computer i don't think this picture is appropriate especially court information about the trial before it even started. you can contact me at angelabeyta04@***.com or my phone number (928)-299-**** please i just want to move on and this post is the only thing that's stopping me it's wrong and me, my lawyers, and family members have reported his account multiple times with 0 outcome i don't know how you allow this. His account is spelt with these letters and it's Rândÿ Jâmeš and he holding up a document the whole account needs to be removed it's filled with bullying, harassment, inappropriate content including guns please have this account removed i've been begging for years.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Facebook Cons: No real help from fb support.

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