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3 of my accts have been disabled all at once all of a sudden for supposedly going against community standards yet I'm almost positive that this is false accusations and I feel that Fb could & should at least show me the proof of what I posted or said that goes against Fb Community Standards. So if anyone reading this could please research thos for me & send me a copy of my "Violation Post " ,, I would be very grateful .

This way I can either admit my wrongs and apologize for it or deny & dispute with intent on a hearing with management over the issue if I see & feel that whatever it is does not go against community standards in my opinion.

I dont even post anything but every once in a while! I dont go on Fb everyday for hrs.lkke I used to . I might post a few things once or twice a wk if that. This is why I can't recall posting anything wrong!!

Please help me if you can figure this out so I can retrieve all 3 of my accts. Bcuz the one acct. Named " Harmony Shepherd" is actual my Christian page & Harmony is the name of my church here in Shepherd Tx.

The other 2 acct.names are ;

Norelle Reno-Walters


Norelle Walter's

Thank you so much for taking the time to get back with me & read this !

And thank you for any help your willing to give me in solving this matter to getting the end result of retrieving my 3 accts. Bless you & Happy Holudays.

User's recommendation: Know Your Constitutional Rights.

Preferred solution: I would like my 3 disabled accts restored please! That's all Thank you! .

Facebook Pros: Able to travel the world.

Facebook Cons: Cant involk your 1st & 2nd amendment freely without reprecusions.

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