Why did I get banned for 30 days for calling someone a *** when she was phishing for it the whole time? I want a REAL review of what happened.

Ever since FB has realized that I fight against bigotry, I cant make the slightest comment to maybe help the person change their opinion.

You let the National Disgrace talk *** for 4 years and its now forbidden to clap back.

Maybe your platform really is too outdated, and especially sexist considering the posts of Kamala you keep online despite multiple reports of sexism and rape culture.

But I say *** and bam 30 days. Screw you, Zuckerburg and your hipster Gen Z overly sensitive minions. There is definitely something wrong with your priorities. Yes, I am screen shotting this, and will be abundantly sharing it with people all over the world.

According to you, its ok to be verbally harassed and sexually objectified as long as the victims are left-wing. The terms honey, hun, baby, sweetie are meant to be perjorative and demeaning when coming from a white womans mouth in an argument. But obviously the whole Karen thing is made up and all straight, white women are granted a free pass according to you.

That is exactly the message you are sending Zuckerburg.

It took 4 years to takegirl with things to say.

User's recommendation: Speak your mind, ladies, they can’t squash all of us.

Location: Lafayette, Indiana

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