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Paul Miller purchased some camo pants from me on marketplace Facebook. Why did you give him a refund after he received my item.

I need my item back, he has my item and I'm out that product. It's not fair to me to automatically refund him, I have to wait for resolution? Why did you refund him his money? He has my item what about my item?

I want it back then or you can give me the $20 not take it out of my pocket. This guy scammed me obviously. Is after he received his product hes complaining about the shipping charge of $4 your tax? That is not my problem it was obvious when he made the purchase not after he received the item.

Obviously scammed me at my expense it should be yours, if you're going to automatically refund somebody that is scamming and takes a product. I'm furious and losing sleep over this this disaster. I saw a lot of stuff on Facebook I've never had this issue. The shipping charges up front.

It was fully aware of the shipping. Can't dispute the shipping charge after he receives the product.

Wrong. And there's no way to contact you and the help center does not work for this issue you should put something in your dispute center for issues like this.

User's recommendation: Beware when you're selling something. Somebody could dispute after they received the product that they didn't want to pay for shipping and you're going to be out your product.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: I want Facebook marketplace to give me $20 for the item. Or charge back the person that bought my item. I want my money..

Location: Chardon, Ohio

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