I was suspended for speaking my mind against scammers which seem to be every third post anymore...it has become a billboard for advertising and half of those are scams...on my notification it said I could dispute it...upon trying, the notification said would send a code for me to enter so that I could even to to that section...I have requested this code several times over and no code as of yet...I beginning to think Facebook is a scam...how do I dispute anything when they do not allow you to...therefore, if I don't recieve a code to dispute, then I'm okay with that...I had a life before and now I realize how much time of my life I have wasted on this BS...I'm just asking for a lil cooperation here and they all hide behind their computers, they don't care or want to help...at this point I give you a rating of F-...had to put the minus in cause this is the worst I've ever seen...smdh...kma Zuckerberg!!!!

User's recommendation: Do not post or repost anything...I've been in fb jail for reposting a post already on fb.

Location: Southaven, Mississippi

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