Someone hacked my facebook and changed the email and phone number so I couldn't use 2 factor authentication to get back into my account. After a week of trying I finally got something to work.

Go to facebook.com/hack and follow the steps. Get to the point where it will allow you to upload your ID. Once you upload it they review it within about a day and send an email with a recovery link and temporary password. DO NOT click the link.

Instead, go to log into facebook and put in your email and the temporary password.

The only way I got it to work was by putting in the new email I associated with my account when I originally did the forgot password process when my account was first hacked (rather than the email that was originally associated with my account before it got hacked). If you use this new email address and the temporary password, it should bypass the 2 factor authentication and let you in!

User's recommendation: Follow the steps above and don't give up.

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

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