I am an editor for a business page. when I try to insert an image in the planner the preview bar looks like its loading up then goes blank and no picture inserts.

it does not give me any error message saying why. all the permissions on the business page are correct. my computer is up to date, I've turned off ad block, cleared my cookies and cache. Nothing makes a difference.

I've even logged into a coworkers FB and tried to insert an image there but nothing works. I've also tried multiple different browsers. The only thing that I think it might be is that my first gen surface laptop is not capable of running windows 11. Please get in touch ASAP I've been dealing with this issue for 3 days and none of the business suite support articles help.

I'm able to post images on my personal FB with no issue. This leads me to believe it may be a bug.

Location: Severn, Maryland

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