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Someone hacked my wifes and obviously my account. Im on my Facebook account through the app, I get the codes text to me, and it says the code doesnt match so that I can change my damn password!!!

If someone cant call or email me from Facebook it shows just what kind of bush league company you are running. But its cool the news channels here in NC are building a case possibly a suit and if I cant get in my accounts or someone doesnt contact me on my cell phone 919343**** I will join!!!! Either call email me today or Ill get things rolling as well!!! When you see Stacey holder (william.holder@***.com) or 919-343-**** they are ligit.

The email on Stacey Holders account t*************.com is a hackers email and you wonderful rest options keep letting them stay and on mine the code come to the damn phone then when I put it in says code doesnt match so I guess you crackerjack stand is letting whomever do whatever! Disgusted with Facebook as much as I and my family enjoyed it!!!

Never one time have either of us been blocked for content!!!! Why dont you take your half *** fact checkers and move them to your fraud sept it would serve their useless time better!!!!

Location: Lillington, North Carolina

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