Good afternoon ,

My names Cheyenne Newell Ive had my Facebook since 2014 , it was recently hacked and the person who hacked it completely changed everything even my backup account . The person who hacked it is now messaging people off my account using my photo ID trying to get money from people . I and 40 other people have reported the account and you proceed to tell me that there is nothing wrong , when Im reality it is a hacked account and they are using my information I have done everything to get ahold of someone through Facebook and have no success , i will be taking legal action against Facebook for the trams that I have been through , my personal business is being put out to 100s of people because you refuse to delete the account .

I would like to hear back from someone my number is 330351****

Thank you Cheyenne Newell

Location: North Royalton, Ohio

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