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Shared a picture of Bill gates with a caption questioning his choice of investment. Was told it violated standards and my account has been flagged.

My Instagram account is completely down for the same post. There are no statements made- only a question posed. Nothing false. Nothing violent.

Nothing that remotely violates any standards as written. This is an infringement of my 1st amendment rights. I will pursue legal action if necessary. I depend on these platforms for business reasons.

To limit my views, censor my entirely reasonable content, or suspend my accounts is discrimination and I could prove this easily in a court of law. The implications of such censorship are so severe that I will not be silenced and will not tolerate this - this is an issue that effects the whole of humanity. The people at Facebook know full well how influential this tech has become - in light of that none of my statements are hyperbolic. I demand an explanation and I demand I be able to share the post in question as it entirely meets the written standards.

I included the post in question. Facebook is demonstrating itself to be a criminal enterprise that is exploiting humanity with no accountability.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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