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I want to talk to someone in support. Or I am calling my attorney I received s post from a friend of mine and I replied Trumo is going to crush Biden.

2 women responded by the name of Stevie Bitskus and Cindy Btucs. They called me Moran. One woman said she bet I drank bleach had *** up to my eyeballs I must put up lights up my *** and ate *** sandwichs etc I hid some of their comments Bruce threatened me. I told them they were nasty *** and Facebook had the nerve to tell me my comment did not go with your standards.

They can say those things to me but you dont do a dam thing to them. I am 77 years old and I dont have to put up with this crap. Now I want them blocked from further contact with me.

Or I am calling my attorney. Period

User's recommendation: Facebook is biased against Christian republicans.

Preferred solution: Block these 2 women from ever contacting me again .

Facebook Pros: At this point zero.

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"Trumo" ? Is that a blend of Presidents Trump and Truman ?

That would be a wonderful hybrid regardless of party affiliation.

Saw a great film of Mr. Truman in his later years griping about "crybabies".

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