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I do not use social media apps. I have a life. It is constantly sending me notifications for trivial reasons that I am not interested in, while taking up 256 MB or so that I would like to use.

My Samsung A10e Android ver. 11 is an entry level handset with only (only!) about 3-4 GB of RAM that I want back.

I don't use Facebook and I want the memory back. So the simple solution is to uninstall Facebook (which, among my friends, I call "AssBook").

But the writers of my version of Android 11 saw, in their venal wisdom, to make Facebook a system task and I can't uninstall it

via the Play Store by the usual...

Settings > Apps > Facebook > uninstall. There is no uninstall for Facebook.

I disabled it so at least it is not running in the background stealing clicks (ask a software designer what I mean).

I learned about computers and programming when I was a sophomore in college in 1964 on an

IBM System/360 mod. 30 with a 64 KB (I said KB not MB) address space. In case you are unaware, the length of the address space is defined by the 24 bit address register, so the max. is 2^24-1=64K-1 )so I learned to be very economical with memory use.

So I want my 256 MB back. I know how to use it effectively.

I can root the machine (and perhaps brick it due to inexperience or plain old fashioned error [I smoke a shjtload of cannabis on a daily basis]).

How do I get rid of Facebook without a *** of research on rooting my phone and the risk of bricking it?

I hate Facebook and how people waste their lives in it. I want it and the horse it rode in on... GONE!

arthurlibin323@***.com t a handset that does not come with Facebook pre-installed as a system task.

User's recommendation: See last 4 lines, above.

Preferred solution: Instructions on how to uninstall Facebook. Can't do it through Play Store. It's a *** system task.0.

Facebook Pros: Candedat, Keep in contact with friends through this pandemic.

Facebook Cons: Garbage rules.

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