Dear Instagram and Facebook

Our names are Kiara, Daniela, Sophia, Karla and Mariana

Us five we have this Fan Club Together that we named Locas_porfercoronaofficial

And its been 5 years since we created this fan club us 5 together. And we created this fan club because love the Mexican Singer Fernando Corona and admire him so much that to show him our love and admiration to him as a Thank you we did the Fan club.

And so the reason why we are writing you guys its because we want to get verified why? Because this has been one our dreams for the longest time ever since we stared the account all of us together. So we really want to have the chance to see a blue badge next to our name in our Instagram account.

And I know you guys know that we have around 162 followers only but for us in such a good start to grow more and more In our account and so we asked you guys kindly to verified our account and that way we can have more people and new faces in our Fan Club.

Thank you so much for reading this letter

We love you guys.

And also we forgot to mention that we understand that the blue verified badge is for people who are famous and well known out there. And also Fernando Corona the Mexican singer that we love and admire so much he told us that we wishes we could be verified like him and that day when he told us that we felt emotional because of how long weve been waiting for this chance.

And again Thank you so much for the opportunity and for reading this letter!

Daniela, Kiara, Sophia, Karla and Mariana

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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