My Facebook was hacked on 11/1 in the middle of the night. When I woke up I had emails saying my password was changed and another saying my account violated the community standards.

It also said my account is temporarily disabled and would be permanently disabled in 30 days. I have tried to change the password several times but it kept saying I've requested to many sms codes and that I would have to wait 24 hours. This would happen even after one attempt. I finally got the password changed but it still wouldn't let me in.

I finally got something asking if I wanted to dispute the fact that Facebook said I went against community standards and was asked to prove identity but taking a picture of my ID. I was then told a decision would be made. I've heard nothing back and every time I attempt to log in I am now shown a count down of how many days I have left until my account is permanently deleted unless I dispute. Which I have.

I am now down to 16 days and have done nothing to violate community standards. I have never been warned or in Facebook Jail for anything. I will be devastated to lose this account simply because I have had it for almost 13 years and literally have 13 years worth of pictures!! My three kids entire lives worth of pictures on there.

My husband's 10 years in the military including deployments are on there. Pictures with Multiple loved ones and friends who have died since are on there.

Literally THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of pictures will be gone. All of this over a hacker who got into my account with no trouble but now I've been working for 14 days and have had ZERO luck at all.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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