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A) the avatar of me in a wheelchair is beyond hurtful and discriminatory

B) why is my acct restricted and was not throughly explained too and confused; there was a January 6 violation (which I had not been contacted about or knew about this );

C) the photo I am including was posted by someone on fb which I feel is applauding especially through Ukraine crisis and this is allowed to be posted is despicable

Facebook administrator needs to contact me please (206)799-**** I have medical issues so it is difficult to understand the new changes I was not aware of or understand and need verbal help please thank you so much I do appreciate your help in this matter I am far from being a evil person, but being attacked and wrongly accused of things is not ok and not true - I have ptsd so the changes on help center triggers me and not understanding the reasons and accusations towards me

I do a private group to save lives that is highly needed now in our country and Facebook is not helping me in this situation, I find it a serious problem that Facebook does not understand mental illness and problems that tigger a person and can be detrimental

Thank you for reaching out and hopefully resolving these problems in a peaceful way

Preferred solution: I do not respond to email A peaceful resolution .

Location: Kirkland, Washington

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