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I woke up one morning and was banned, and then two days later my bank account was hit for 1500 per day for 6 days. It was Christmas time so didnt check my mobile app because we wasnt working.

My business partner called and said what are you doing on Facebook, and I said nothing, I been banned and cant post no ads for our business. Thats when he says, they have hit our bank account for 6,000 and have two more showing to process through. I called bank and tried to stop Payment and finally everything was put back in to my account.

I have called Facebook numerous times and left many messages and never have ever got a call Back from them. I would love some answers as to why someone felt free to hit my bank account for $9000 and yet to return my call and I been calling and message since two days after Christmas.

Location: Bismarck, Arkansas

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