ID My name is yemintn

ID My First name is ye

ID My Middle name is min

ID My Last name is tun

ID My date of birth is 2.march.1996 Hello

Please reopen,and retun my account. This account is my life.

My facebook account,please give.

Please forgive me for my mistake.

I will proved that name is my real name according to my international student identity card.

Do not want to change the name,please give me the right to continue to use the name they are using now.Now the real name My friends known. My Facebook account is further requestd to be allowed to let us recycle.

I attach with my internation student identity card with this mail.

My facebook account recycling policy,Facebook respective gentleman further respectfully request.

Thank you so much for your help and your kindness, my lovely Facebook Team.

Facebook Cons: Owner.

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