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Hello! My name is Anat.

Two days agi my account was hacked, whoever hackers that was posted something Arabicor that has to do woth terrorism

support (my friend sent me a screen shot) and when he tried to go to messenger to let me knoe that I was hacked, FB already disabled my account.

You can also check in my account and previouse posts, I'm non political/dog lover, working person and a Jewish born and raised in Israel, why would I support terrorism???

I pushed the "disagree" button and explain that I was hacked but there wasn't an option fir that.

today I got an Email saying I was disabled forever.

I'm using every security feature that you have and still I was hacked.

Instead of deleting my innocent profile, you should have checked if there was an unusual singin from unusual location!

I really want to recover my original account since I has a lot of memories, friends and pictures there! Also, I run my companys' social account.

Please help me!

My account was attached to this email: anat.m1991@***.com / and the name is : Anat Magen Megrelishvili

Best regards,


Location: Batumi, Achara

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This happened to me too...please let me know if you have any success. This exact thing happened to me too

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