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Your Facebook customer reviews are *** joke. I need to talk to a real *** person.

You have my *** number. Give me a *** call. You all know what the *** is going on with my account. U***** yourself.

Make the *** call. And your law enforcement things a *** joke it's your second command on your *** joke. *** law enforcement and *** anybody involved. In my local law enforcement is reading this as I type it.

They need to know this, when I'm done with all of you you can regret ever *** with me Mark my *** words . now Facebook, let me change my phone number so I can unlock my *** account. Change my *** phone number to contact to the one above. 217-250-****.

I need certain things that are in my messenger it's very very important but you guys have allowed people to log in and say why don't you punish the people that are logging in from a different destination instead of worrying about me you lock my account because you let other people log into my *** account that isn't protecting me that's allowing people to infiltrate my *** identity and who the *** I am. I'll probably get a *** phone call from somebody real *** soon like in the next 10 *** minutes. I don't know who the *** you people think you are but you're *** with the wrong Marine. 217-250-**** *** call me.

And right now I'm not pissed off like you say in your *** comments or you're pissed or pissed off customer review.

I'm indifferent. We must all fear evil men, but there is one evil that we must fear most, that's the indifference of Good Men!

User's recommendation: Stand up for yourself people this is biggestf****** corruption conspiracy this country has ever *** seen and I took a note to defend this country against all enemies foreign, OR DOMESTIC! AND I WILL DO JUST THAT.

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: Gillespie, Illinois

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