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I have look it up on google your welcome cross reference that in there it is intertwined with a lot of apps your deleteing this user only the user but look where else they are I have main sourced down too there main ip but am unable too access there server they are setting up new accounts in different names same link on your web interface and I tracked the main source down cause they are stealing peoples info and all your doing is deleting there profile when they have hundreds like seriously why am I doing this too help people but your not this is not cool by any means it only took me 1 hr 1/2 too find there main they are using two ip services through google which Im assuming is the same address but two different modems too ping off different locations but use tracert In ms dos and you will see what Im taking use google and you will see they are using a lot more of your services than you know please help me

User's recommendation: David.

Preferred solution: Nothing help me stop them please .

Facebook Pros: Account security, No privacy.

Facebook Cons: Facebook help.

Location: 3500 Harrison Boulevard, Ogden, UT 84403

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