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You guys just showed me my history and I'm looking at it and I realize that you guys keep restricted me and I was right on 90% of it there was a couple times that I got rude with people but you guys did not see what he told me or you ignore what he said he was rude to me way before I said anything all I'm trying to do is give my followers a view I reposted that and his negative tone was *** people off it was not my fault yes I got rude and I do apologize but he just had no reason to come on to a post that I gave and make negative comments and make negative comments you guys need to concentrate on the real problem on the real problem and not concentrate on somebody that is just trying to help people help people help people we all will never see eye to eye we will never see eye to eye but we're all part of the media in one way or the other any of you guys do this

Preferred solution: I would like for you to change my history because now I was proving to be right on a lot of it you need to change my history and make a correct.

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