I've been on FB for 4 yrs... my cell phon is a phone and not a computer...

I have never been banned for bad behavior (seems like I was 24hrs for sharing my page to groups where the Admins gave me permission to share on).

NO... for over a month now I have not been able to post on 3 of my pages as a ADMIN.... I can as myself, but I can't start threads.

FB and the new partnership want me to confirm from my cell phone and on computer, some updated info they want from me. I DON'T FB ON MY CELL PHONE...

so I guess they will have me blocked forever.

Conspiricy say...

this is exactly what FB wants to do to me. (I guess when Trump's format for social media comes out I will go there and dump FB.

(not my choice) seems FB software programmers have made it impossible for me to communicate).

Location: Eugene, Oregon

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