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I did no wrong but post a picture and say thank you to the store I went to that night so I post pictures to there private group and u all suspend me and I said NFSOT 3 times on the post and as said it was in a private growers group the picture was posted in it was not public at all so I all suspend me for 30 days ago for the 3 rd month in a row and it's not fair I see the posts and videos of weed all over all the time and u all do nothing to them I enjoy Facebook and u all doing this to me is very unfair over pictures that is legal stuff in my state Virginia and the fact it was a private group I posted the picture in please review this and let me get off this restriction it's very unfair that others post pics all day like that and I do it u suspended me and this the 3 rd month in a row I been with 30 days suspensions now 3 months straight please review this last suspension and get back to me please

Original review posted by user Jan 23, 2022

I have been suspended the last 3 months for reason that make no sense and it's not fair to me at all now I am unable to post or comment and some other stuff for posting a picture of some weed that is legal and I can buy in my state I did no wrong and it's unfair to me I enjoy the Facebook platform but why keep suspending me for no reason at all over a picture to a Private Group at that and it said Not For Sale Or Trade NFSOT and it was 3 times in the post I put that I see pictures of weed and regulated goods all over the page and news feed but you all are picking on me I feel like over this and as said it's not fair and I should be allowed to have this removed so I can enjoy my Facebook as I like to do please look into this I have tried calling u all and all

User's recommendation: Just be careful what you post even if it's legal in your state.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 1017 Green Street, Portsmouth, VA 23704

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