These are the events leading to my FB page being disabled. Thank you for reaching out to help me.

Yes, my FB was disabled due to a typo error on my Birth Year, by a honest typo error. Then, FB bleeped my page off/out before I could fix the error. So, it says I am not of age to be on FB. I assure FB admin that I am of age.

I am 71 years of age as of January 9th, this year (2021). "My Birthdate is January 9, 1950". I suppose that was my absent-minded thinking when I entered 2021 in the Birth Year section. Actually, I was reviewing my FB page because it has been some time since I have done so.

I purely, by accident, not paying close enough attention, put the new year date...2021...in the space where my Birthdate Year should have been. I had been writing 2021 All day at work, so I made a MISTAKE...putting in the new year 2021. I am a Registered Nurse, RN. My degree is from University of Texas At Arlington; Arlington, TX.

Over 40 years now. I still have my license current. I am semi-retired. "My Birthdate is January 9, 1950".

I noticed a typo on my Birth Year on the Birthdate section; 1960 was the typo I originally intended to correct. My Birth Year is 1950, which I set for "only" me to see. I was attempting to fix the error and to be honest, I don't know what I was thinking, to enter this years date, 202I. I did notice my typo, but before I could correct it, FB bleeped me off...immediately.

Please, Please put my FB page back, Sirs. My husband passed away a few years ago, and I stay connected to my daughters, my grandchildren, other family and friends through FB. I Am 70 years of age. Well, actually 71 years of graceful age, as of January 9th, this year.

That's probably what I was thinking when I entered the typo error. I truly need to be able to remain close to my family and friends through FB. I live alone, and I need my interaction with them and with my FB Christian family. Importantly, in the NOTE section on my FB page, I have some pictures I honestly DO NOT want to lose.

I have pictures of my posters, when I was a Singer. I used to sing in bands. Also, very important to me, the picture of my Black and White registered Pinto Paint horse. His name was "Quanah", named after the Indian "Quanah Parker".

He was like my best friend. He was a wonderful Games horse and awesome on long Trails; a great Show horse and always a true Gentleman Horse. I miss him very much. That picture of him is All I have left of him, except my memories.

If you review my FB page, and information, you will see how many years I have had my FB page and been part of the FB community and family. I have always been respectful to and of FB rules of operations. And, I have been respectful to the FB community; I've maintained my "Lady" status. I have deeply enjoyed my Christian friends and groups...especially my Bandera friends.

They have been so great. I don't think I would have survived the dark days of my husband dying, and most heart felt, when he passed away. FB was my support system...my go to...my strength...my Hope. It still is.

I love my family and friends and through FB I am always connected and right there. So, I ask you to please put my page back. I love my grandchildren so much, and I miss seeing what they are doing. They are great kids and are very smart and talented.

They keep me going. Please help me get my life back again...through FB. I'll be more careful, I promise. Thank you for reaching To appreciate how much FB keeps us connectedout to me.

I have been so frantic...for real. God bless you Sirs.


Stormy Osborne, aka., Sherry Lynne

(Stormy is a legal nick-name from childhood and Sherry Lynne is my given name; also on my FB page under "other names" section)

Location: Wichita, Kansas

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