As of today (Feb 2) I have not had any response from Facebook. I still have no idea why they suspended my account or when the suspension may end.

There also has been no method to appeal.

I am very disappointed in them and wish there was a viable alternative to them. I have more than 3500 people on my friends list with Facebook and if they permanently suspend or close my account I will lose access to those people.

When I try to log into my FB account they want to send a security code to my old cell number. That number is no longer active. Facebook does not have a way for me to update my cell number to the new number.

As a result, they post a messgae (see image below) saying they will permanently suspend my account if I don't respond to their attempt to send the security code. I have sent emails asking them to send the security code to my email address but they have failed to reply.

Location: Davao City, Davao

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